Earth Day Volunteers

Through the Trees(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

Environmental volunteers work hard every day of the year, no matter the location, weather or job to be done. They are also a big part of Earth Day, a day when people who don’t normally volunteer get involved and do something to give back for the planet. To commemorate the day, here are some Earth Day Volunteer Stories:

Cleaning lakes in Missouri.

Picking up litter in Pennsylvania.

Restoring trails along the Pacific Ocean.

Cleaning parks in New Jersey.

As this story from Rhode Island demonstrates, cities, towns and states are having numerous Earth Day events all week long.

And some cities are hosting all-day festivals, like this one in Phoenix.

No matter what kind of event it is (and these are just a few stories out of many I came across) these Earth Day efforts will hopefully get people even more interested and involved in helping the home we all share, the planet Earth.


If you’ve enjoyed the stories on this blog, check out my eBook: Being Where You Are: How Environmental Volunteers Impact Their Community and the Planet Every Day



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