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Volunteer Bird Watching

 ID-1002833Image courtesy of James Barker at

by Robert Barossi

Sitting at my computer, looking out the window behind my desk, I couldn’t help but notice a robin bouncing around on the grass in my backyard. I watched him for a few moments as he puttered around and then took off, flying to a nearby tree at the edge of the woods. I decided that must be a sign that it’s time to post a bird-related volunteer story. This one, out of Missouri, was one of the first that I came across and one that I instantly liked. I liked it because it’s got some great photos of both birds and environmental volunteers working hard while enjoying something their passionate about: bird watching. The husband and wife team, Brad and Suzanne Wright, are Boone’s Lick Master Naturalists as volunteers for the Missouri Department of Conservation and are shown in the story doing some bird counting at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area.

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