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Two Tales of Hard Working Volunteers

IMG_2700(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

Some days, there are so many great stories out there about the amazing work of environmental volunteers, it’s hard to choose just one to post on here. So, this morning, I’m not going to limit it to just one. These two articles really stood out as great stories of the kind of hard work that environmental volunteers are doing every day, in every corner of the planet.

First, out of Washington, is a story about a group of volunteers who are removing a section of pavement so they can replace it with plants and create urban green space. The Pierce Conservation District is leading the effort to change this small portion of Tacoma and reclaim it for nature. Volunteers are lifting out the sections of broken-up pavement and will soon plant trees and shrubs in it’s place, which will provide a number of benefits for the community.

Second, from Colorado, near Aspen, comes a inspiring story about an environmental organization and the amazing strides it and its volunteers have made in the area. Now in it’s 20th year of land stewardship, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers is an active and successful organization, leading efforts that range from building trails to environmental education in local classrooms.

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