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International Environmental Educator and Volunteer

IMG_0852_1(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

This article out of Michigan caught my eye for two reasons. First, of course, was the word “volunteer,” which I’m always looking for. The second thing was the reference to the fact that she’s hoping to publish a book about her volunteer experiences. Having just published my own book, I wish her an equal amount of success in that endeavor. Reading more about Amalia Fernand’s work, she’s certainly an inspiring person who is doing amazing work as both an educator and volunteer. Through her organization, Nature Explorers International, which she founded, she has taught environmental education to young children in seventeen countries all over the world. She is also currently serving as a long-term volunteer with Orangutan Foundation International in Borneo. On her GoFundMe site, Fernand describes the job, saying, “My position as the Long-term Communications Volunteer will involve documenting the happenings of the care center through photography and writing to share with the international community via their website, newsletter, adopt-an-orangutan program and social media.” This type of communications work is another way that volunteers can help environmental organizations, by spreading the word, especially through social media and the internet. It’s just another part of the great work that Fernand has been doing for some time and will hopefully continue doing as she brings environmental education to children everywhere.

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