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Volunteers Helping to Save a Valley

Through the TreesPhoto by Robert Barossi

by Robert Barossi

There are numerous ways that volunteers can get involved to help preserve and protect nature and the environment. One motivating factor for many to get involved is planned development, whether residential or commercial. Oftentimes, the development plans spark passionate emotions about the preservation of the land and the need to stop whatever developers are planning. This article from Delaware County News Network tells the story of one such effort, started by two organizations, The Beaver Valley Conservancy and Save the Valley. These groups are fighting to stop development in an area known as Beaver Valley, along the Pennsylvania/Delaware border, and volunteers are playing an important role.

Check out the websites for

Save the Valley


Beaver Valley Conservancy

For more information about how their efforts to protect the land are going and  how you can help, especially if you live in that area.