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Volunteers Clean Up Debris Along the Coast

373(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

We’re into the heart of summer now, with the calendar turning to July and the days heating up. There are always lots of things to celebrate this time of year, from graduations to weddings, and the gorgeous weather usually means the party will be held outside. The outdoor festivities frequently include balloons, which areĀ  often released into the air and allowed to fly off into the distance with no way of telling where they’ll eventually fall back to the ground. A story out of Georgia demonstrates how one group of environmental volunteers are dealing with this particular environmental problem. These volunteers aren’t just picking up litter, including fallen balloons, they are encouraging the local community to find alternatives which will prevent more balloons from ending up on coastal beaches. The effort is led by the volunteer-run organization Keep Brunswick – Golden Isles Beautiful.

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