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Saving Seabirds from Oil Spills

ID-10079108(Photo by Vlado, courtesy of

by Robert Barossi

The problem of oil spills and their devastating impact is not new. And it’s not going away any time soon. Unfortunately, it seems likely to get worse, as new pipelines are built on land and offshore drilling sites are created at sea. This article from Australia describes one innovative and creative way that volunteers are helping to save seabirds who are caught in the mess of an oil spill. They have modified a shipping container and turned into a facility where volunteers can be trained how to save oiled birds. This great idea seems like something that could be replicated pretty much anywhere, giving volunteers in any location similar opportunities to learn what to do when helping wildlife after an oil spill. The more people who can lend a hand and help out, after getting the proper training¬† in a unique facility such as this one, the more birds and other animals that can be saved.

For some more information about how Australians are helping sea birds, especially those in danger from oil spills, check out Australian Seabird Rescue