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Volunteer Shell Game

Cliff Walk Tree(photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

There are a number of great things happening in this story out of Newport, Rhode Island (which happens to also be one of my favorite places). In that city by the sea, there’s an ongoing effort led by the Nature Conservancy to restore oyster beds in coastal ponds and estuaries. All by itself, that’s a fantastic thing, as it will go a long way towards improving and restoring those fragile and important ecosystems. Also great is that the effort involves a number of local businesses, restaurants who are donating oyster shells to the Conservancy. This group of restaurants is donating thousands of pounds of used oyster shells which the Conservancy, along with its volunteers, will return to the shoreline. It’s another exciting example of environmental organizations, volunteers and area businesses working together to preserve and protect the local natural habitat.

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Red Solo Cups and Sea Turtles

P1000689(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

My last post mentioned a story about college students getting involved in environmental volunteer work after graduation. This story out of the University of Central Florida provides a great example of just one of the many ways students can get involved while still in school. Students will be collecting red solo cups all over campus and making sure they get recycled. Adding another win to that one, for every cup that is recycled, TerraCycle will donate two cents to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. It’s a great way to achieve two important goals with one program. They’re making sure that red solo cups get recycled while at the same time providing important funds to an organization that works to protect endangered sea turtle populations.


Labor Day Recycling


by Robert Barossi

Next year, Vermont’s new universal recycling law will go into effect, including a provision which mandates recycling at large festivals, parades and public events. This weekend, a group of volunteers have been helping to conduct an experiment to see how that might work in practice. The volunteers, a group of middle school students who call themselves the “Green Team,” have spent all weekend sifting through trash. Today, they’re spending the Labor Day holiday sorting more recyclables during the all-day events. There’s little doubt they will also be helping to educate the public about what can and cannot be recycled and how to do so. Check out the full article to see how the experiment worked and why there might be a lot of work to do before the new recycling rules become law.