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Mountain in the City

IMG_2222Photo by Robert Barossi

By Robert Barossi

In cities and urban areas, green spaces are undeniably essential. They provide city dwellers with the chance to spend time in nature, or in a natural setting, no matter how small, for a chance to relax and reconnect with the natural environment. City planners increasingly add green spaces into their plans for new city sections or developments. Existing green spaces have become more and more of a focus and a priority for those who have lived in urban areas and enjoyed those spaces for their entire lives. One such space is Mount Sutro in San Francisco. As described in this great article from Synapse, the UCSF student newspaper, the oasis in the middle of the city by the bay is largely maintained by volunteers, especially a group called Sutro Stewards.

The website for Sutro Stewards can be found here.

Go here for more information about the Mount Sutro forest.

and UCSF has information about the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve