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New Kind of Knitting Club


(Photo by Tina Philips, courtesy of

by Robert Barossi

Every story of an environmental volunteer is exciting, seeing what kind of impact everyday people are having on our planet and their local communities. Some stories go beyond just being exciting, they are also amazing and border on mind-blowing. Here’s a story about volunteers in San Rafael who are knitting nests for birds, in an effort to help rehabilitate abandoned bird chicks. Now, maybe this nest knitting thing happens all the time and I just haven’t come across it before. Whether that’s the case or not, it’s pretty fantastic. Especially considering the nests, over a thousandĀ of them, according to the article, are all knitted by volunteers, freely giving of their time and effort.

WildCare is the organization leading the effort, check them out.

There’s also a longer story about the knitters and their efforts here, in the San Francisco Chronicle