Bringing the Birds Back in Scotland

This great story combines two of my favorite things. After spending a month in Scotland during college, it has always been one of my favorite places on earth. The Scottish Highlands is one of the most gorgeous, stunning natural landscapes I’ve ever seen. If any place on earth defines the color green perfectly, this is it. I’ve never seen anywhere in that perfect, fantastic shade of green, stretching on seemingly forever. My other favorite thing that’s in this story are the creatures who fly far above that green landscape, the birds who soar above the highlands, crisscrossing the Scottish skies. There have been a number of programs over the past few yeas to bring back the threatened Red Kite. This article from Wildlife Extra details how the Red Kite is now thriving again, after ten years of hard work, including the work of volunteers. During that time, one volunteer, a photographer, spent so much time getting to know the Red Kite and raising awareness about the bird species, he was nominated for a nature photography award. A lot of the good work related to the kites and other birds throughout the UK is due to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and their many, many dedicated volunteers.

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