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Volunteers Caring for Rivers

IMG_2270(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

It seems that certain kinds of activities appear again and again in environmental volunteer stories. One example is the care, protection and preservation of rivers. In this story out of Ontario, a group of local volunteers are working hard to help the Porcupine River. Led by the Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed, these volunteers are planting local trees and shrubs, among other actions, in an effort to improve the river’s ecosystem. A major benefit to these projects is reversing the impact from local mining operations or preventing future degradation of the river from continued environmental impacts.

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One Volunteer’s Experience

Foliage Reflected(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

Been coming across a lot of stories lately that focus on volunteers who work in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. This one struck me because it’s in the volunteer’s own words, talking about her own personal experience. In a story out of Ontario, Paolina Lioren tells of her volunteer adventure and ends with a great line, “I look forward to doing it all over again next spring/summer, because, at the end of the day, every life matters and that’s what really counts!”

The organization Paolina worked with, Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, can be found here.