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Raising Weevils

IMG_0203(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

When I was interviewing volunteers for my book, I spoke to a mother and daughter who were volunteer “beetle ranchers.” They were working with Neponset River Watershed Association to help raise beetles which, when released, would help reduce or eliminate Purple loosestrife in areas along the Neponset River. In this great story from the Shreveport Times, volunteers are part of a similar process down south. Salvinia weevils are being raised in a recently completed greenhouse, one which volunteers helped to construct. The volunteers will also be helping to raise the weevils so that “as many weevils as possible” can be released into “selected areas” of Caddo Lake. The goal is to reduce or eliminate Salvinia, an invasive weed which has been spreading through bodies of water throughout the area.

More information here from the Greater Caddo Lake Association, the lead organization on the project. Also some information on the lake and issues it faces from the Caddo Lake Institute as well as the Giant Salvinia Control Team.