Fifty Years of Volunteer Work

Through the Treesphoto by Robert Barossi

by Robert Barossi

Many environmental volunteer stories deal with a one-time event or shot term project. Others stories, though, demonstrate how volunteers are often involved with a particular place for a long period of time. In upstate New York, just outside of Syracuse, the Baltimore Woods Nature Center has been connecting local citizens with their natural surroundings for five decades. And, as this story points out, community members and volunteers have been a part of the nature center’s work since the very beginning. Speaking of those volunteers, Executive Director Kate Intaglietta says, “Very few of them, if you ask, really knew each other before they came to Baltimore Woods. What’s inspiring for a lot of us in the work we do is … to see what that’s done for the organization in the past 50 years and to see what they’re excited about for the next 50 years.”

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2 thoughts on “Fifty Years of Volunteer Work”

  1. Robert – Thank you for mentioning the hard work of our volunteers here at Baltimore Woods. Our history is rich and full of stories because of those who cared enough about our natural world fifty years ago to start up nature centers in CNY, and because of the community who continues to care and nurture Baltimore Woods. #BWNC50YRS

    1. Stacy,
      I’m always glad to be able to spread the word and shine some light on the amazing work of volunteers and the great things that happen at places like Baltimore Woods. Thank you for everything you and your volunteers are doing.

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