Volunteers Restore a Riverbank

Roaring_Fork_from_backyard(photo courtesy of MarcelBeauchamp94 at English Wikipedia) 

by Robert Barossi

Man-made changes to the land sometimes lead to man’s returning to try to change it back. Just outside of Aspen, Colorado, along the Roaring Fork River, volunteers are working to restore the land along the river’s bank to something similar to what it once was. The area, part of the North Star Nature Preserve, was once used for agriculture, which wiped out the plant life along the river. Now mostly barren, a number of organizations, led by the Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, are working to restore the land. Volunteers from near and far came together for the event, which included planting “about 1,200 willow and cottonwood seedlings and clippings along the banks of the Roaring Fork River,” according to the article.

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