Green Teen Volunteers

IMG_0218(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

Finally back here at the blog after what I now realize has been two weeks. Time definitely got away from me there, maybe it’s been the beautiful weather and all the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Or just the sometimes-crazy busy moments of life.

This great story out of Virginia, about some inspiring teenagers and their amazing environmental work,  seemed appropriate for the moment. It’s that time of year, when there’s a graduation every weekend, it seems. Colleges and universities have most likely already ended their academic years. High schools and lower-grade schools will soon follow suit. Many graduating high school seniors will go on to college to study environmentally-related academic fields. Others won’t go to college and will be working in fields that are directly related to the environment. They are all the environmental volunteers of the future.

Check out more information here on Project Green Teens and all of their work.

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