Volunteer Weather Watchers

P1000054(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

Ten days later and it’s still freezing outside. The snow has stopped, at least, after six feet of snow fell in just a few short weeks, leaving enormous piles of snow lining every narrowed street. On the other hand, arctic air is now coming our way, with record low temperatures forecast for this week in Boston. Still, that’s nothing compared to some of the weather they are getting in northern Canada. In many isolated parts of that country, it’s volunteers, like the ones featured in this article, who are recording weather conditions and collecting climate data. These “weather watchers” are collecting data for Environment Canada, which often means they are in the outdoors in extreme conditions. These recordings aren’t just impressive because they are done under extreme weather conditions, but also because they are often done in places which are isolated and/or difficult to access (such as spots that are only accessible by boat or plane). According to this story, these weather-recording volunteers are a “dying breed,” which is unfortunate, since they are collecting data which is invaluable and essential for the government and private business/industry alike.

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