Volunteer Tree Planting

Up a Tree(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

Surprising to nobody might be the fact that all the volunteer stories I’m coming across today are from California, where the weather is warm and sunny. Here in New England, winter has finally arrived, with temperatures in the teens and single digits. Still, there’s no doubt that volunteers in this area are still out there, testing water quality, checking trails and keeping up with their important activities. For now, a look at one of those Californian volunteer tales, this one from Sonoma County in northern California. Volunteers are working with the group Forest Unlimited to plant redwood seedlings in an effort to “enhance and protect forests and watersheds.” The organization, which plants trees in a number of areas, makes sure that the new trees are placed in areas where they will survive and thrive, ensuring a positive ecological impact. While not always so carefully targeted, tree planting is an important task that volunteers or anyone else can easily take on no matter where they live.

Check out Forest Unlimited’s website for more information on their events and activities.

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