Teaching Kids About Gardens and More

IMG_2597(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

One of the most important roles an environmental volunteer can take on is that of educator. At numerous sites, volunteers make up the staff of educators at nature centers, discovery centers, aquariums and other places where the public visit. Volunteers are the ones teaching children and adults about everything from birds of prey to local marine life to native plants. As this story from Texas tells us, volunteers are providing invaluable education about gardens, pollinators and horticulture to children in San Antonio, including those who live in urban areas. These kids, many of whom might not otherwise get close exposure to gardens and plants, are being given a chance to connect with nature in direct, hands-on ways. Programs like Youth Gardens and Kids, Kows and More,  as well as events like the BOOTanical Halloween event, are  staffed and supported by a number of volunteers. These dedicated people are providing an incredible opportunity for kids to learn about and connect with their natural world, even though they live in a major metropolitan area.

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