Volunteers as Both Stewards and Educators

Underwater Leaves(Photo by Robert Barossi)

by Robert Barossi

Many hats are worn by environmental volunteers. For a large number of them, maybe most of them, they must wear those varied hats while working for just one organization or at only one location. They  might help out in the office one day, lead tours or give classes another day, help with mailings another day and assist with cleanup projects on another. At Sonoma State University, community volunteers lead some of the educational and land stewardship efforts at the university-owned Fairfield Osborn Perserve. While the preserve is used only for research and education, it’s not open for public recreation, volunteers have an active role including acting as naturalists, classroom presenters and trail crew members, according to a university’s website.

More information here on the Fairfield Osborn Perserve.

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