Volunteers and The Deep Blue Sea

IMG_0632(Photo by Robert Barossi)

By Robert Barossi

It’s no secret that there is a lot of trash floating around in the ocean. It’s now common to hear stories and see photos of floating islands of trash, occupying vast stretches of the ocean. There’s also plenty of trash that is winding up on beaches, shores and coastlines all over the world. This post from the Southtown Star in Chicago notes that “For example, during Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup last year, volunteers around the world picked up 10 million pounds of debris in one day.” Whether it’s on one day or all 365 days out of the year, coastal cleanups are a massive, worldwide undertaking. And it’s volunteers who are doing much of the work to pick up all that trash.


From this story out of Tasmania to this one from the coast of Britain.


And on beaches from Nova Scotia to Texas.





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