Following the Parade

Rocks in Still Water(Photo by Robert Barossi)

Let’s face it, parades, while they are lots of fun, are often not environmentally friendly. Lots of trash and debris from all of those spectators ends up strewn everywhere, littering the streets and sidewalks. Much of it does get picked up and finds its way to landfills. Some of it takes the next opportunity to flow into storm drains. And some of it just sits there for a very long time. This year, during Mardi Gras in  Mobile, Alabama, volunteers will be helping to prevent the ecologically-unfriendly consequences of the city’s parades. This post from details how eco-volunteers will be cleaning up the streets during upcoming Mardi Gras parades. The volunteers will be following the parade with eco-carts, collecting recycling and litter along the way. These efforts will go a long way towards making Mardi Gras a lot greener in Mobile.

Some of the organizations connected with this effort include:

Downtown Mobile Alliance –

Alabama Coastal Foundation –

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