Government Shutdown Provides EPA Workers a Chance to Volunteer

The government shutdown has impacts that ripple throughout our country in many ways. The National Park system is shut down, meaning that anyone hoping to have that once in a lifetime trip to an amazing national park is going to have to wait for another time or just miss the opportunity entirely. There are also numerous studies and research efforts going on at the national parks which are no longer ongoing, meaning that important data is being lost, possibly forever. Every other government agency related to the environment is also shut down, but some employees of the Environmental Protection Agency are taking the opportunity to continue working for the environment. A great story out of Durham, North Carolina, shows just how they’re doing it. And of course, it would be better if they were in the offices of the EPA, doing the important work that they need to be doing every day. But, at least they are taking the opportunity to get out and do some good environmental work in the area. According to the article, many furloughed workers have been getting out to clean-up and repair projects, among other activities.

Check out the article from the The Herald Sun.

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